Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 431

Day 431 - Lately I have been trying to make lunches as soon as I get home from work so I don't have to worry about it in the morning.  It has been working well for me.  Today I came home and put together a "Chicken & Waffle" lunch for D.  She has some rotisserie chicken, mini waffles, chopped strawberries, tomato/mozzarella salad and some s/f butterscotch pudding.  Then D was lucky enough to be invited on a little field trip tomorrow with a few of her friends!!  I thought I should make her a lunch that wouldn't require utensils because they may end up eating in the car.

So here's D's lunch take 2!!  She has deli sliced ham, mozzarella/cheddar string cheese, some crackers, grapes/strawberries, strawberry almonds and the Squooshi is filled with s/f butterscotch pudding.