Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day 427

Day 427 - Clean out the fridge salad.  D's salad is mixed lettuce, deli sliced ham, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrot flower, and fresh mozzarella, she also has apple cinnamon Quakes and an apple.

My salad is mixed lettuce, leftover chicken, kidney beans, Cabot Buffalo Wing Cheddar, carrot and tomato flower.  I also have a mini dipper of crushed peppers for my dressing.  I have a few Quakes and some blueberry almonds.



  1. I wish you would post your shopping lists! I'd love to make these, but have very limited time. A shopping list would save bunches of time!

    1. Isan, I don't really plan my lunches and shop from a list that way. My lunches are usually just made from leftovers and other things that I have in the house. I can tell you that every week I roast either a small whole chicken or 2-3 split chicken breasts. I shred the meat and keep it on hand in the fridge (like Perdue short cuts). It's versatile so I don't mind eating it most days. I also tend to buy deli sliced turkey and ham.