Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 38

Monday again!! The girls have strawberries, D's with applesauce and M's with orange segments.  For M's lunch she has edamame succotash, roasted broccoli and mac n cheese.

Today did not start out great for me.  I woke up to no electricity.  It was pouring buckets outside and the wind was howling.  Some how between getting out of bed and taking D to the bus stop I lost my wedding band.  I was ready for a little sunshine by lunch time!  So today D and A are having breakfast for lunch again, but it looks bright and sunny and makes me happy!  LOL  I sliced a red pepper crosswise into rings then scrambled some egg and filled the pepper rings in the frying pan.  I cooked them on low for a few minutes then finished them off in a 350 oven.  I put them on top of buttered toast then made a carrot and red pepper flower on top.

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