Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 37

Today M's class is going on a trip to see the play The Crucible then they are stopping for lunch.  D has homemade yogurt with blueberries and Kaniwa crunch.
Kaniwa is a grain similar to quinoa.  I used the same recipe to make this as I did the quinoa crunch.

Quinoa Crunch

1 C quinoa, rinsed
1/2 tbs honey
1/2 tbs agave syrup
1 tbs coconut oil

This is what it looks like close up...just a little bigger than a poppy seed. 

D requested breakfast for lunch today so I used mini pancakes and cut out some homemade turkey sausage patties to make breakfast "sliders" then I made some heart (strawberry) and flower (banana) salad. 

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