Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 34

For lunch today M had Chicken Mozambique, well our version of chicken mozambique!  LOL  I have made it so many times and from memory so it probably bears very little resemblance to actual chicken mozambique.  Anyway I packed that hot into a thermos this morning so it is not pictured.  Here we have D's snack which is the pineapples with cherries, then M has some pineapples, a granola bite and in the reusable bag is a hamburger bun for her chicken.

Today I went to Whole Foods with out having eaten breakfast.  BAD IDEA!!  I actually didn't spend too much money but I did splurge on the salad bar so today we have a little bit of everything....a tasting menu if you will!  Both plates are the same so top plate, top L purple cup Soybean Succotash, top R cup Tofu with shoyu (sooo yummy, should have gotten more of that!), bottom L pink cup Turkey Club salad, bottom R quinoa salad with chicken, grapes and almonds.  With some Star Fruit on the side.  The girls loved everything but the quinoa salad and really I didn't love that either....tasted like they made it without rinsing the quinoa first.  Other than that it was all very yummy and we were all full and happy!

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