Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 343

Day 343 - School vacation is over!! D spent the bulk of her vacation with her grandparents.  She had a great time!  We are back to the grind today though.  She has blueberry french toast sticks, Al Fresco chicken/blueberry sausage, watermelon and a mini dipper of syrup.

French Toast Sticks

I used the Archer Farms Blueberry bread that I had mentioned before. I cut the crust off and cut each piece into thirds.  I mixed some cream cheese (maybe 3oz) with 1 Tbs of sugar free vanilla syrup (for flavoring coffee).  I spread a thin layer of the cream cheese mixture onto the bread and made rectangle sandwiches.  I rolled those in a couple of beaten eggs, then I rolled them in crushed Kashi Blueberry Cluster Cereal.  I put them on a sprayed cookie sheet and baked them at 350 until they were golden brown.

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