Friday, February 15, 2013

Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce Review

 Thank you Lori for the use of your beautiful picture!!

I recently received some Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce for review.  I love it!  It's that simple!  I was introduced to it by my friend Lori.  She is a fellow Bento Blogger and she had done a review on her blog.  After reading her review I knew I HAD to try this stuff!  To me it kind of tastes like a cross between ketchup and steak sauce.  It has more flavor and "zip" than ketchup but isn't quite as strong as steak sauce.  Which really does make it "All purpose" in my opinion.   The first thing I did with it was put it in my meatballs!  I was trying to make a version of Mountain Meatballs.  Where the meatballs are in a chili sauce instead of tomato sauce.  Well, I decided to do this on the day of Hurricane Sandy.  Very, very, poor planning!  I got home from work a little bit early and went right to work on my meatballs.  The storm was just starting to pick up.  It had been raining most of the day but the winds had really just started.  I put all of my ingredients in the bowl (including a hefty dose of Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce) and rolled up my sleeves to start mixing when I heard a very loud crack and thud....and the lights went out!  So there I was with 3lbs of raw meat and no electricity in my fully electric house!  One of my neighbors' trees went down and took our electricity with it!  Thankfully no one was hurt and there was no property damage.  So since the storm had really just wasn't too scary at this point I went out and started my gas grill.

I cooked the meatballs on the grill but there was to be no sauce!  LOL  So my family and I sat around the table in the dark eating meatballs dipped in Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce!  They were a hit!  My family really enjoyed them.  My kids raved about the sauce!  So  Country Bob's has earned it's place in our pantry!


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