Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bento Rules and why I will almost never follow them...

Ok so there are "rules" for everything, right?  Even bento...a traditional japanese bento is usually 3 parts carbs, 1 part protein and 2 parts fruits and veggies.  My post WLS diet relies more heavily on protein, followed by veggies, then fruit and carbs sparingly.  I do give my kids more carbs than I allow myself but I tend to put more emphasis on protein.  Now for the kids...I have 2 of my own and I watch my niece 5 days a week.  My kids are M (13 years old), D (5 years old) and my niece A (3 years old).  Most days M packs her own lunch.  D goes to school for 1/2 the day so only needs a snack packed then her and A both eat lunch at home.

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