Friday, January 17, 2014

Days 479 and 480

Day - 479 Ham sandwiches.  I cut out some mini ham sandwiches and decorated them with cheese stamped with a rubber stamp and food coloring.  D also has tri-colored sweet bell pepper slices, an orange and a cherry/dark chocolate rice crispie treat.

I have leftover grilled pork tenderloin, a soft pretzel, an orange and a piece of chocolate.

Day - 480 Today D has lunch meat sushi (ham, chicken, string cheese and bell pepper strips), bell pepper slices, dill pickles, an orange, some cinnamon graham crackers and a piece of candy.

I have an italian cold cut spread wrap with some Bugles, an orange, cinnamon graham crackers and a piece of candy.


  1. These all look so good. I bought some stamps for this purpose, but keep forgetting to try it. Yours turn out so great!

  2. Sorry for the loss of you beloved Kane,,but congrats on adorable Capone,,,I would love to have all of your Bento recipes from day one is there a way I may get them?

    1. Mary,
      Thank you! I think the best way to get all the recipes will be to use the search tool on the blog and search "recipe". I'll do my best to get all the recipes tagged as quickly as possible.

  3. They all look so yummy! Loving the stamped sandwiches! Thanks for sharing at Leftovers on Fridays