Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Days 442 and 443

Day 442 - DIY Lunchable..PIZZA!!  D's favorite pizza is BBQ chicken so to honor that she has 3 heart pizza crusts, some pizza sauce, some bbq chicken and shredded cheese to make her own pizzas.  She also has grapes, a cookie and 2 Swedish fish.

I have baked tofu, cheese, grapes and blueberry almonds.

Day 443 - Ham sandwich with a cheese horse, cherry tomatoes, grapes, homemade yogurt topped with crushed pineapples and quinoa brittle.

I have a pumpkin pie yogurt parfait.  I mixed my homemade yogurt with some s/f cinnamon vanilla syrup and I mixed a 1/2 can of pumpkin puree with pumpkin pie spice, chia seeds and some stevia.  Then I layered the two and topped it off with toasted pecans when I was ready to eat it.


  1. The parfait looks delicious. I love the horse cheese detail, very cute.

  2. Where did you find the cute shape skewers used for the kabob lunches?

    1. http://www.allthingsforsale.com/bento-food-pick-chopsticks/2869-food-decorating-pick-long-pix-stix-skewer-021466034781.html