Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 453

Day 453 - Swim with the fishes!!  We went to Bass Pro the other night and I saw a lollipop that was called Fish Kabob.  It is a stick with 4 or 5 Gum drop fish on them.  That was the inspiration for this lunch.  So she has peanut butter sandwiches decorated with Wilton icing writers and a candy eye.  She has string cheese, grapes, freeze dried peaches and one of the gummy fish.

I have baby spinach with left over grilled chicken and some cheese.  For dressing I'll be using salsa mixed with yogurt.  I also have grapes.



  1. Both lunches look fantastic. Do you get the freeze dried peaches at Target, by chance? We get them there and love them! Crunchy peaches? Who knew!

    1. Yes! We get them at Target and sometimes at Ocean State Job Lot!