Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 213

Day 213 - D's lunch today is ham/salami, cucumber flowers, watermelon/cherry flowers, milk and chocolate and vanilla yogurt.

I have been making my own yogurt for a while now.  I had found some recipes online for crockpot yogurt then sort of tweaked and morphed them into something that works well for me...consistantly.

I pour a gallon of milk (I usually use 2%) into a large pot and heat it on medium heat until the milk reaches 185 degrees.  I pour it into my crockpot from there and stir in about 1 c of nonfat dry milk (this is optional).  I leave it uncovered until the milk reaches 110 degrees.  At this point I stir in 1 single serve container of plain greek yogurt (make sure whatever brand you are using has active live cultures).  Then I cover it and wrap the crockpot in a blanket and leave it undisturbed over night.  The next moring I have a crockpot full of yogurt!  At this point I strain mine because I like a thicker greek yogurt consistancy but again this is optional.  Store in the refridgerator. 

For the chocolate yogurt that I made today, I didn't measure anything so bear with me.  I took out one of my cereal bowls.  I filled the bottom with dark chocolate chips and microwaved it at 30 second intervals until is was melted.  I took about 2 C of plain yogurt and flavored it with Torani s/f vanilla syrup.  I mixed about 1 C of the flavored yogurt into the melted chocolate until it was all well combined. I did a half and half in the bento and then took the rest and layered it into push pop molds for the rest of the week.


  1. So pretty! And the hm made yoghurt looks v yummy!

  2. You have talked me into trying to make yogurt. I go through a lot of plain yogurt. I always assumed you needed special equipment to make your own.

    1. I was afraid to try it at first too! I only had one "bad" batch....I had found a recipe on the internet that used times instead of temperatures and I think the milk was still too hot when I added the yogurt so it didn't set up. Once I started using my thermometer I haven't had any issues! Good luck!!

    2. I made the other day and it turned out fabulous.. I had to boil rhubarb with sugar and water today to make rhubarb syrup for another recipe. I mixed the leftover solids with the homemade yogurt. Rhubarb yogurt is fantastic!

    3. I love rhubarb I bet it is amazing!!

  3. What temp (hi, lo, etc) do you put the crockpot on to get it to 110F? Do you leave it on all night?