Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 199

Day 199 - Yesterday when D came home from school I cleaned out her lunch box and was surprised to see that she had not eaten her sandwich.  She only ate one meatball out of it.  I said "D, did you not like your lunch today?"  Her reply, "Oh Mommy can you please, please make me something quick to eat this week?  I am a table washer and need to eat quickly.  I love meatballs but just didn't have the time!"  LOL  Her school is K-3rd grade.  Each grade has their own lunch period so when the first group finishes lunch they wash the tables for the second group and so on until the last lunch when the cafeteria employees do the clean up.  She is very excited that her turn has finally come around to be a table washer!  So I couldn't really think of any "quick food" last night.  I finally settled on breakfast for lunch...if nothing else it was quick for me to make!  LOL  She has mini pancakes with cream cheese and raspberry jam, fruit salad, the pancake cut outs with a strawberry, chicken/apple sausage hearts on picks with extra raspberry  jam in the monkey cup.  The blue bottle has a little maple syrup.

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