Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 194

Day 194 - Pasta salad (zucchini/spinach pasta, corn, carrots, red bell pepper, pea shoots and the scraps of lunchmeat from yesterday's lunchable dressed with a lite ceaser dressing) topped with turkey and ham stars, strawberries (with candy eyes), fruit twist, yogurt topped with cherries and a cucumber chain.

You may have heard about "pink slime" in the news recently.  Pink slime is boneless meat trimmings that have been treated with ammonia gas....Sounds delicious doesn't it?  A recent report from The Daily, the Ipad newspaper from Newscorp. lists some stores that sell beef that includes pink slime and some stores that do not sell beef laced with pink slime.  My point here is that this information reinforces for me the need to really pay attention to where I source my ingredients.  I put so much effort into providing my family with the freshest and healthiest foods I can afford.  I wish that our school systems would do the same, but they don't HAVE to.  I will continue my efforts in packing lunches for my kids.  If you want to pack lunches for your kids but are stuck in a rut or don't know where to begin helps with ideas and recipes.  They also offer a free downloadable sample menu.

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