Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 189 Happy Birthday to little D!

No lunch picture to post today.  It is D's birthday today and she requested to buy lunch at school. :(  I had a grand plan in mind to make her some kind of cute/fun birthday inspired lunch but I certainly couldn't refuse such a simple request from the Birthday Girl!  Instead I'll post about the cupcakes that I made for her class.  Another D request...Rootbeer Float cupcakes!

I'm not sure why my kids don't like "cake" flavored cake.  Well that's not entirely true...I think they just like to challenge me!  LOL  So to fulfill D's request, I started with a boxed white cake...I don't know why I went with that and not chocolate...chocolate probably would have made more sense.  I followed the box directions but added 1Tbs of Watkins Rootbeer flavoring.  Cooked them according to the box and then frosted them with my favorite vanilla frosting.

UPDATE: D has come home from school and the cupcakes were a big hit!  I was a little worried since I had not tried them before I sent them in.  I'm not much of a cake eater.  She did bring a couple home.  I had sent in a few extra just in case of dropping/accidents and what not...I tried a bite and it seriously tasted like rootbeer float!  One student said to my daughter "I hope we are in the same class in second grade.  If we are will you bring these in again?"  so I guess that means he liked them!  LOL

UPDATE 2: We tried it with chocolate cake mix and they were equally delicious!


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  2. These cupcakes sound delicious. I'm def baking them for next family BBQ :)