Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 334

Day 334 - D's lunch is packed in our new Go Green Lunchbox.  This is the first time I've used it.  I'm not sure I love it.  For starters it's enormous.  It doesn't fit into a standard size lunchbox.  That for me is the biggest "fail".  I don't really need a compartment for her water bottle..without that compartment it would fit perfectly.  One thing it does do right...each compartment has it's own individual seal.  That's pretty cool!  The lid is not dishwasher safe...that sucks.  The lid locks on nice and tight but isn't too hard for her to open...I like that!  Anyway, she has a ham/lettuce wrap, muenster cheese, orange bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, cookies and an apple.

**UPDATE** Well D came home from school today with her verdict.  She did not like the Go Green Lunchbox.  Since we didn't buy the lunch box carrier and the box it's self doesn't have a handle it was awkward for her to carry.  


  1. Any way to cut the "water bottle" section off - or would that leave sharp edges?