Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 256

Day 256 - Today M has to work at the Boy's and Girl's Club in the city.  As part of her internship her class is going there to instruct the kids on proper tooth brushing.  The program is only a couple hours long and is a bit of a drive for us.  So Hubby and I are going to take the two little ones with us and find something to do during those 2 hours.  However the program runs into lunch time so our ELB's are hitting the road today!  The girls both have a chicken BLT.  It is your basic BLT (turkey bacon) with some sliced deli chicken to bump up the protein.  They also have cucumbers and black grapes.  I used a cookie cutter to cut out the dolphin and then used my food safe markers to color them.

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