Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 328 and 329

Day 328 - DIY Lunchable.  It couldn't be more simple, no "fancy" cutters or anything.  I just cut a couple slices of deli ham into 6ths and quartered a couple slices of american cheese.  She also has some whole wheat crackers, cherry tomatoes, homemade yogurt and some sliced strawberries.

Day 329 - Pb & Honey puzzle sandwich, 1/2 a banana (not the most beautiful banana but a tasty one none the less!), homemade chocolate yogurt and strawberry slices.

For the chocolate yogurt I used 1 cup of my homemade yogurt and added 2 Tbs of unsweetened cocoa power and one packet of stevia.  I just mixed it all together.


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