Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 453

Day 453 - Swim with the fishes!!  We went to Bass Pro the other night and I saw a lollipop that was called Fish Kabob.  It is a stick with 4 or 5 Gum drop fish on them.  That was the inspiration for this lunch.  So she has peanut butter sandwiches decorated with Wilton icing writers and a candy eye.  She has string cheese, grapes, freeze dried peaches and one of the gummy fish.

I have baby spinach with left over grilled chicken and some cheese.  For dressing I'll be using salsa mixed with yogurt.  I also have grapes.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day 452

Day 452 - Today is homemade "naked nuggets", bbq sauce for dipping, peas, grapes, cheese, tomatoes with Tuscan seasoning and a couple of Oreos.

I packed these and took the pictures last night.  This morning I put some crackers in the blue cup.  I have tuna, peas and grapes.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Days 450 and 451

Day 450 - Lasagna and salad!  I bought that over sized silicone muffin liner in the $1 spot at Target.  It is the perfect size for one serving of lasagna (for an 8 year old anyway).  She also has a salad, homemade yogurt with homemade blueberry applesauce and an Oreo cookie.

I had a DIY Lunchable.  Deli turkey and ham, cheese, grilled green beans and some grapes.

Day 451 - DIY Pizza Lunchable, homemade yogurt  with apple pie dip and grapes.

My lunch today is identical to yesterday's. 


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 449

Day 449 - D has mixed lettuce, tomatoes, muenster cheese, chicken, Greek dressing, grapes and a couple of TJ's yogurt stars.

I have mixed lettuce, chicken, black beans, feta cheese, grapes and crushed red peppers.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 448

Day 448 - D's appetite still has not yet returned.  She has a half day at school today so I didn't send a lot of food.  I made her a little chicken salad and sent it with some crackers.  In the Squooshi pouch is some homemade blueberry applesauce.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 447

Day 447 - D is still not feeling great.  No more vomiting but still feeling a bit weak.  She is going to give school a try today so in her thermos (not pictured) is some homemade chicken and stars soup.

I have a DIY Lunchable of turkey, cheese, peas, hummus, cherry tomato and grapes.

Days 445 and 446

Day 445 - Quick easy Friday lunch, DIY Lunchable!  She has turkey, ham, cheese, crackers, grapes and cherry tomatoes.

I have an Italian cold cut sandwich on ciabatta bread (that I shared with a co-worker), peas and hummus and some grapes.

Day 446 - D was sick all weekend. I made her a pb&j fairy sandwich with some fruit but to be honest, she didn't go to school today and didn't eat a bite of it.

I have a couple slices of a leftover Italian calzone, peas, cheese and grapes.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 444

Day 444 - Breakfast for lunch!!  D has mini pancakes, chicken maple sausages, maple syrup, cherry tomatoes, grapes and an apple filled with cream cheese/crushed pineapple/fluff dip.

I have baked tofu, hummus, cheese, blueberry almonds, grapes and pea pods.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Days 442 and 443

Day 442 - DIY Lunchable..PIZZA!!  D's favorite pizza is BBQ chicken so to honor that she has 3 heart pizza crusts, some pizza sauce, some bbq chicken and shredded cheese to make her own pizzas.  She also has grapes, a cookie and 2 Swedish fish.

I have baked tofu, cheese, grapes and blueberry almonds.

Day 443 - Ham sandwich with a cheese horse, cherry tomatoes, grapes, homemade yogurt topped with crushed pineapples and quinoa brittle.

I have a pumpkin pie yogurt parfait.  I mixed my homemade yogurt with some s/f cinnamon vanilla syrup and I mixed a 1/2 can of pumpkin puree with pumpkin pie spice, chia seeds and some stevia.  Then I layered the two and topped it off with toasted pecans when I was ready to eat it.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 441

Day 441 - We are still trying to finish up the last of the leftover steak tips so steak salads today!  D's salad is mixed greens, tomatoes, steak, marinated mozzarella and a little bottle of Greek dressing.  She also has some sunflower seeds with Swedish fish and an apple filled with "fruit dip" (cream cheese and marshmallow fluff).

My salad is mixed greens, bean, steak and feta cheese.  I have my crushed red peppers and some strawberry almonds.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 440

Day 440 - Today D has a turkey BLT with a Hello Kitty cheese decoration, grape tomatoes, grapes, clementine, cereal bar and a Hello Kitty marshmallow.

I have left over steak tips, mustard dipping sauce, Hot Buffalo Wing cheddar cheese, grape tomatoes, clementine, grapes and some cranberry bread.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Day of School 2013

Yesterday was breakfast for lunch day for D.  She has mini waffles, blueberry chicken breakfast sausage, cocoa roasted almonds, some maple syrup, grapes and strawberries.

I have my old standby mixed greens with roasted chicken, beans and cheese.  The small container has my crushed red peppers and I also have some raspberries and chocolate chips.

For the first day of school I asked D what she wanted...I was thinking she'd want a character lunch or something fun.  No, she asked for homemade chicken nuggets...I make "naked" nuggets.  I use 1 lb of ground chicken, 1/4 cup coconut flour (you could use bread crumbs and an egg instead) salt, pepper and some poultry seasoning.  I also used my micro plane to grate some onion into the mixture.  I mix it all up and press it into a 8x8 pan and bake it at 350 until it's done.  I let it cool completely then cut it into cubes or use my small fondant cutters to cut them into shapes. (The scraps go nicely into a salad).  I always take a little pinch off the mixture and cook it in a frying pan before baking so I can taste it and adjust the seasoning.  She also has grapes, bbq sauce, crackers, tomato and fresh mozzarella salad, strawberry roasted almonds and a Hello Kitty marshmallow.

I have another salad but instead of shredded cheddar cheese I have Cabot Hot Buffalo Wing Cheddar.  I also have grapes and strawberry roasted almonds.