Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 224

I am sorry for the poor picture quality these last few days.  It has been so dark and rainy there is no natural light to be found!

D's appetite still has not really returned.  Yesterday she came home with almost all her lunch still in her box.  Today she has turkey/ham/salami roll ups, babybel cheddar cheese, pineapple/cherry skewers, yogurt with strawberries.  Inside Hello Kitty is a crushed up Oreo cookie.  We were at the grocery store the other day grabbing a plain yogurt so I could make a new batch when a single serve container of Oreo yogurt caught D's eye.  She begged and begged for it.  I couldn't get over that the yogurt it's self had more sugar in it than a Hershey bar BEFORE adding the Oreo crumbs!  So this was my compromise, plain yogurt with strawberries and one cookie to sprinkle on top.

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