Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 223

We are having a seriously rough week around here.  I am still quite sick.  I am on antibiotics but I am not boucing back as quickly as D has...I guess that's the difference between being 7 and being 40! LOL

 D is allergic to penicillin.   Yes, we found that out the hard way.

This was only day 2 of the reaction.  It didn't "peak" till around day 5.  By that time she looked like Rocky Dennis! Since that time I always "hold my breath" whenever she needs to have antibiotics. Yesterday she got off the bus looking like this...
I nearly had a heart attack!  I said "D what happened to your face??"  and Miss Calm Cool and Collected replies "What? Mom, I just fell off the swing.  It's no big deal!"   I have never been more relieved to see my kid "injured" in my life!  She is such a trooper too.  She really hasn't complained at all and I KNOW it has to hurt!

Day 223 - So since I am still feeling so lousy I just barely managed to scrape this together this morning.  She has 1/2 of a left over chicken/bacon panini, grape tomatoes, yogurt with strawberries and of course her milk goes in the middle section.