Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Days 149 and 150

Day 149...so weird I could have sworn I posted yesterday....Old age is setting in I think!
Nothing special yesterday she had lunch meat sushi, cheddar cheese cubes, wheat thin crackers and some strawberries.  For snack I just threw together a quick snack mix of cheerios, dried fruit, a couple mini chocolate chips and a few mini marshmallows.

Day 150

Today D has homemade chicken and stars soup, grapes,  grape tomatoes and mini energy balls.

Energy Balls
1 C rolled oats
1 C unsweetened flaked coconut
1/2 C ground flax seeds
1/2 C Almond butter
2 T peanut butter
1/3 C agave syrup
1/2 C mini chocolate chips

I just mixed it all together and then used a small (I think it's like a teaspoon) icecream scoop to make the small balls then I rolled them in conf. sugar...they are not very sweet but you could leave the sugar off.  I store them in the fridge.

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