Thursday, January 5, 2012

146 and 147

The new year has not been good to us so far.  I am hoping things will improve and soon!  So I am trying to get myself back on schedule and into my routine of making lunch, photographing and posting.

Day 146
D has chicken/cheese quesadilla, cherry tomatoes and some gingerbread pudding.

Day 147

Today D has a thermos of mac n cheese, in the green container is a clementine, her milk and in the other container is her snack which is honey wheat sticks and toasted marshmallow fluff and nutella for dipping.  On a side note... Her thermos is an old winnie the pooh thermos which her 6 year old self finds offensive ("I'm not a baby Mom!") so when I use it for her lunch I tape a lunch box note over the picture!

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