Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 9

M made her own lunch today, but wanted it included in the photo.
She had buffalo chicken pizzas, wheat thins, pepper jack cheese, clementine, strawberries (they are still frozen in the photo and have a sprinkle of stevia on them).  For D's snack she has a couple cereal bar hearts, a panda cookie, 2 berry fiddlesticks and a cheese stick.  The note was written with food safe markers.  M tried to decorate her pizza with the markers too, but the surface was too bumpy!

This is what I made D and A for lunch.  Almond butter & Jelly sandwich pockets with cheese flowers and apple ladybugs.  However, I made lunch before I left to get D from the school bus and my very, very bad dog ate D's lunch!  So D ended up with a redo, but she was just as happy!

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