Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 1

And so we begin...
Today we have Asian Chicken Salad in low carb pita pockets, greek yogurt with blueberry topping, a cheese heart for D and a cheese flower for A, clementines and 1/2 a string cheese each.

Asian Chicken Salad
1 C chopped cooked chicken
1 Tbs Sesame Ginger dressing
2 Tbs light mayo
a handful of frozen peas

I mixed the dressing and the mayo together first then tossed it all together.  I made it about an hour ahead of time so the peas were defrosted by the time they ate them!

I really didn't expect the girls to eat it all, it seemed like a lot of food while I was packing it and considering that it was so protein dense....but they ate every bite!