Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 499

Day 499 - Linzer peanut butter and jelly sandwiches decorated with cookie icing, orange and trail mix.

I have some Italian cold cut spread, pretzel spoons and fruit.


  1. Looks great. I really like the heart cut outs.

  2. I have a few questions for you!! I hope you check this or at least still get emails. With foods like your potstickers are these store bought or home made and do you heat these up or just eat them cold? I am in love with the idea of taking a lot of these ideas but not sure if they require heat. Thanks so much and could you share the grill cheese sticks and how you make them!! Thanks again a new devoted reader, maybe a little too late!!! I will be reading all 499 days of food though!

    1. For the most part I make my pot stickers but we like store bought too. I'm lucky, my girl is a good sport and will eat most things cold or room temperature. For the grilled cheese sticks you can use any bread with the crust removed and rolled flat. Put the cheese on, roll it up. I spray it with Pam but you can also use butter, brown seam side down and turn till it's brown all around.