Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 436

Day 436 - Lots of leftovers equal a very yummy salad!!  On a bed of mixed greens, D has cucumbers, grape tomatoes, rotisserie chicken and some leftover pasta salad.  She also has grapes and an Oreo brownie.

I also have rotisserie chicken on mixed greens with cheese and kidney beans.   Every Thursday my grocery store sells their rotisserie chickens for $5.  It is the best bargain in the store!  Not only do D and I get a few lunches out of one, I always use what's left to make chicken stock!

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  1. Mmm both these lunches look AWESOME, Dina!!

  2. After seeing these salads, I literally just got up and made a similar one for my dinner. Thank you for the salad inspiration :)