Friday, November 9, 2012

Days 299 and 300

Ever since the hurricane last week, I have been having trouble getting my bento mojo back.  The kids just have so many days off of school this month it's hard to keep the flow going.  Here I am posting my 300th lunch and there is absolutely nothing special about it.  Very sad :(

Day 299 - It was snowing/raining here yesterday so I didn't have any available light for this picture so please forgive the quality!  D has a pb & j sandwich cut out with a Lunch Punch, string cheese, grape tomatoes, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, Trader Joe's pumpkin pie greek yogurt with a cinnamon star on top and a clementine.

**Day 300** -  For her 300th lunch D has a DIY lunchable.  Turkey and cheddar cheese "fairy wands", a mini bell pepper stuffed with cream cheese and sliced, sesame crackers, grapes, a couple of cookies and some chocolate covered sunflower seeds.

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  1. They look SUPER CUTE and I love your DIY lunchable! Our weather here in FL is still in the 80's and humid at times.