Monday, November 5, 2012

Days 297 and 298

Day 297 - Here is the lunch that I had made for D for last Monday.  Unfortunately she never got to eat this lunch.  Hurricane Sandy was coming for us and school was cancelled.  My family was very fortunate.  We were all together, our home made it through intact and we are all healthy and safe.  We lost power for a few days which was a bummer, but we are very aware of how lucky we were.  I will gladly sit in the dark and throw out a couple hundred dollars worth of food if it means my family is safe.  So anyway...we didn't get out power back till late Wednesday night and I didn't get to the grocery store until Friday. 

Day 298 - So today's lunch is similar to last Monday's.  She has a ham/spinach/pea shoot wrap, clementines, grape tomatoes, chocolate covered dried cherries, baby bell pepper stuffed with cream cheese and a Chobani Champions.

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  1. Cream cheese and bell peppers sound like a tasty mix. You're such a creative mom.