Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 271

I was just looking through my blog stuff and saw that I had some posts that didn't get posted!

Day 271 - Totally dialing it in today.  I worked late last night and never got around to putting lunch together yesterday and I just wasn't feeling it this morning.  So thank god for my freezer stash.  D has 2 mini deep dish pizzas, carrot sticks, the eyeballs are actually pumpkin decorations (kind of like Mr. Potato Head), she also has yogurt with gummy vampire teeth, under her milk is a blueberry fruit leather.


  1. LoL !!! I have so been there! But look this lunch came out fun didn't it!

  2. I love the vampire teeth, hahaha so cute and made a nice lunch!:)

  3. Ha -- I started building a freezer lunch stash for this very reason. Sometimes morning is just NOT my friend.