Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 269

Day 269 - Hello Kitty!  I am not the cheese artist that my friends Jenn and Karen are, but I am taking baby steps!  I got some new markers in today.  I'm sure the Wilton one's have their place but they are terrible on cheese!  Today I got the Americolor Gourmet Writer set.  They work much better but I think I still need to get the technique down.  So the HK sandwich is bologna, there is a mini crueller in there, carrot flowers and freeze dried peas, a cheese stick with chocolate covered sunflower seeds and yogurt with a sprinkle heart.  I just took a heart shaped cookie cutter and put it on top of the yogurt, poured in some sprinkles and pressed them down into the yogurt (especially around the edges) before I removed the cookie cutter.

Some of my Bento Blogger Friends are having a Blog Hop and Treasure Hunt today in honor of "Talk Like A Pirate Day"  click on the image below to Hop!


  1. Love love love the hello kittie! My daughter is a big fan, I am dying to get the edible markers. Great work.

  2. So beautiful with your details and great idea with the freeze dried peas!

  3. The Wilton markers are HORRIBLE! I even did a review on my blog about how bad they are. What a BIG waste of money! Grrr! Anyway, I am glad you got new markers. This is very cute and a great pick for your favorite Bento of the Week!

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