Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 215

Day 215 - Make your own pizza day!!  D has 3 fish pizza crust cut outs, starfish kiwi, a striped cheese starfish, starfish pepperoni and a small container of sauce under the cheese starfish, there is shredded cheese in the Hello Kitty container.  Hello Kitty really didn't go with the ocean theme but D wanted it and it made her happy so who am I to question it?  LOL

Remember the other day when I told you about my homemade yogurt?  Well when I strain it I save the yellow liquid (whey) that drains from it.  I use this whey to make bread and/or pizza dough.  I like that it gives the bread a slight sourdough flavor.  I especially like to use it in pizza dough that I am going to cook on the grill.  I roll out the dough, brush it with olive oil and sprinkle it with sea's the perfect combination of sour, smokey and salty.  I could eat it just like that, never mind as pizza!

The pizza dough recipe I use is a variation on the King Arthur Flour pizza dough recipe from the back of their specialty pizza flour mixture.

Here is what I use:
3 1/4C Flour (I use a mix of AP flour and bread flour most often, but all AP flour works just fine)
2 healthy pinches of kosher salt
2 T olive oil
1 1/4 C whey (room temp to slightly warm) you can use water instead.
1 T instant yeast


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    1. The pasta comment was supposed to be for your other post. I love your striped cheese starfish :)

  2. What a fun lunch!! STriped starfish is adorable. Thanks for sharing it! :)