Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 115

For lunch today D has 3 chicken & turkey meatballs, peas and carrots, grapes, fresh mozarella balls and 2 carob, spirulina energy bites from the health food store. 

I am having some issues with D's lunch/snacks.  She has lunch early and then has her snack in the afternoon.  I think that she is eating all of her snack type foods at lunch and not having snack or getting snack from her teacher (the teacher keeps animal crackers and goldfish in case the kids forget snack).  So I started to pack her afternoon snack seperately from her lunch..I was putting both in her lunch box.  So now I am packing 2 lunch boxes in 2 different sections of her backpack.  Yesterday was the first day for that but she still brought home the main part of her lunch (yesterday being the sandwich).  So I'm thinking maybe I'm packing too many dessert/snack type foods for her.  So today I tried packing a little bit less in her regular lunchbox and instead of a quick granola bar or something for her afternoon snack I stuck in a protein packed homemade greek yogurt.  We'll see what the lunchbox looks like when she gets home!

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  1. I always pack two separate trays for the girls -- one lunch and one snack. Generally the veggies come home at least to some degree.