Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 83

When I had my "free" day on Monday I went to Whole Foods and really had some time to walk around and look at rush to get anywhere, no kids hanging off my elbow, it was beautiful.  While I was at WF I found some Chia Seeds.  I have been reading about them and their health benefits and had wanted to try them.  I had mixed them in with some oatmeal and that was good then I was searching for recipes and other uses for them.  I found a "chia pudding" recipe.  Basically you can mix it with any liquid to turn it into a pudding.  Last night I had made some chocolate chia pudding and also a chai tea chia pudding.  D LOVED the Chai one, so much so that she insisted on  having it for snack today.  On the one hand I am so proud that she would insist on such a healthy choice, on the other hand I worry that her choice may make her the target of ridicule by her peers.  The stuff is weird looking and not something that I would have thought to send to school with her, but the girl knows what she likes!
Chai Chia Pudding

1 TBS Chia seeds
9 TBS chai tea

Mix together, let sit for 15 minutes.  Mix again and let sit for another 15 minutes then it's ready to eat!

For lunch D and A are having beef soft tacos with cheese, salsa and lettuce, clementine and homemade applesauce.

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