Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 66

This week at D's school is "Spirt Week"  each day has it's own theme.  Monday was Wear Your Favorite Sports Team, Tuesday was Beach Day, Wednesday was Green Team Day (the kids wore green and brought in money donations for clean water in Liberia), today was "Mixed Up" Day.  The kids dressed up and the teachers dressed down and they had some mixed up activites that they were with that in mind, D has Scooby Snack dog bone shaped graham crackers and an applesauce pouch for snack.  Tomorrow is Pajama Day!

Also going along with Mixed Up Crazy Day I made the kids "Icecream" for lunch.  I warmed about 2Tbs of peanut butter in the microwave just until it was soft and mixed it with a diced banana.  I used that mixture to fill the cone, topped with sliced strawberries and a small "scoop" of toasted marshmallow fluff.  They will have turkey, cheese and whole grain crackers for an afternoon snack.

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