Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 421

Day 421 - Today D and I both have tuna for lunch...just executed a little differently.  D likes chunk light tuna with a little bit of mayo and dill pickle relish.  She has that in a wrap with lettuce, she has cucumber/carrot/tomato flowers, cherries and some Cosmos Creations Cinnamon Crunch.

 I like solid white tuna and I don't like it with mayo...I usually use avocado, but today I just tossed it with some crushed red pepper.  I also have some black beans and one of my favorite combos cucumber/feta/kalamata olive.  I put it all on a bed of lettuce and I packed a mini dipper with sliced pepperoncini that I will use in place of dressing.  I also have some cherries.