Sunday, June 23, 2013

Chobani Champions Tubes Review and Giveaway!!

 Today is the last day of school!  I thought we would celebrate with a giveaway!!  Chobani Champions is a brand that I trust and that my kids enjoy.  I have been making my own yogurt for quite sometime and typically use Chobani yogurt as my starter.  Nothing beats the Chobani Champions tubes for portability though!!  You can freeze them too so it is very convenient to take them from the freezer to the lunch bag! They are not loaded down with sugar like other prepackaged yogurts.  They also don't come in scary neon colors!   They run about 8g of sugar per serving.  That is not unreasonable to me given that a 1 cup serving of skim milk has 12g of sugar.  Back to the Chobani Champions Tubes...I asked my 8 year old to pick her favorite flavor and she couldn't.  She loves them all.  I have a hard time keeping them in the house!  She will eat them for every snack until they are gone!  She loves the picture riddles on each tube too!  She especially loves it when they stump me!  

Here is the last day school lunch!  She has ham/turkey roll ups, fruit salad with Chobani Champion "dressing", a couple cookies with Hello Kitty Sprinkles.

Here are a few other lunches that contain Chobani Champions!

Enter below for your chance to win a case of Chobani Champions Tubes!!

**Congratulations Nina H. you have won!**
The winner has been notified thanks to all who participated!! 

Chobani Champions Tubes Giveaway


  1. Sometimes your favorite flavor is 'all of them'. Nothin' wrong with that. Thanks for writing this awesome review & hosting this great giveaway!

  2. Awesome give-away and lunches!

  3. Briliant! I love mango & passionfruit myself ;-)

  4. Lovely giveaway! I have always been a Chillin' Cherry kinda gal :)

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  6. I love strawberry and blueberry!

  7. Did I win this? I didn't see an email from you, so it was probably another Nina!

    1. Sorry for the confusion. The winner has been notified by email.