Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 292

Day 292 - D watched A Nightmare Before Christmas the other day and fell in love with Jack Skellington!  I knew that some of my BBF's (Bento Blogging Friends) had made a Jack lunch so I went looking for inspiration.

D saw this lunch from Cristi at Bento On Better Lunches and was quite impressed!  Mine is not nearly as cute!  LOL

Tracie at Lunch, Snack And Sninner made hers for the Halloween Blog Hop.  I love how she used contrasting bread!

Karen from What's In Our Lunch Bags also made hers for the blog hop.  I have to be honest...the spider freaks me out a bit!  LOL

Shannon at What's For Lunch At Our House made this one that was featured on Disney's Family.Com!

So D's lunch features a Dark Chocolate PB Jack sandwich, some dark chocolate covered wafer cookies decorated with Wilton Icing Writer, grape tomatoes, string cheese, orange jack o' lantern and some Chobani Champions Very Berry yogurt.  After I took the picture I remembered that I had some fresh raspberries in the fridge so I put them on top of the yogurt as well.


  1. Awesome looking lunch! I love your orange jack-o-lantern and lettering with icing, so neat!:-)

  2. Ah I love Nightmare before Christmas! I like how you turned the orange into a pumpin, thats a really cute idea!

  3. That is one beautiful bento. Your Jack Skellington looks great!