Friday, July 20, 2012

Squishy Baff

This is not my usual type of post.  I have never done a product review and to be honest, I have not been asked to review this product either!  I have seen advertisements for Squishy Baff in the past and I'll admit the little kid in me was intrigued.  I am after all just a kid at heart!  I had searched the internet and there are a number of places where you can order it.  I bought mine locally at Toys R Us.  It was $12.99 + tax for a box containing 2 packs of Squishy Baff (one color) and 2 packs of  "deactivator".  The "active ingredient" is the same powder that is found in disposable diapers Sodium Polyacrylate.  When you add water to it, it can absorb as much as 200-300 times it weight.  The deactivator is basically salt.  I had no desire to try this inside my house.  I pulled out the baby pool in the backyard.  The Squishy Baff is fully biodegradable. 
The directions said to use both packets of Squishy Baff for a small pool.  I only used one.  I started off with about an inch of water in the bottom of the pool then I sprinkled the Squishy Baff over it.  We just kept adding water here and there until it was a consistency the kids were happy with.

They didn't want it too watery so that they could mold and shape it.  At one point they were building "Goo Castles".

They played with this for HOURS.  Yes plural, HOURS. 

It was a really hot day and I'm not sure if there was some evaporating going on or what but from time to time we would just add a little more water and it would "revive" it.   The deactivator worked well.  I didn't leave it sitting for a very long time but most of the bath had liquified by the time I dumped it out.  For a couple of days there was a little bit of gelatinous mud where I dumped the pool.  It was not in an area of the yard that we frequent so it didn't pose any problems for us.  When the kids were done I did sit in a chair with my feet in the pool.  My skin felt a little dry where it had come into contact with the feet and hands.  Once I washed them with soap and water they were fine.   I rinsed the kids with the hose and they went swimming they had no complaints, rashes or anything of concern after coming into contact with it.  All in all I'd say it was money well spent.  The kids really enjoyed it.  It was a nice distraction on a hot day.  I still would never use it inside my house...I can see where it could be a messy nightmare!  Perfect for outside!

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  1. What a great review! I was just comtemplating buying it and I might buy it for outside but I am so glad that you gave me an idea what it will be like!!