Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 188

Day 188 A nudge and a wink to St. Patrick's Day!  D has a "shamrock" pizza (whole wheat pita, pizza sauce, cheese and a bell pepper slice), cherry tomatoes, grapes, strawberries and an M&M rainbow with a rolo "pot o' gold".

Just for fun, here is her snack today.  It is a granola bar with a fruit leather/dinosaur umbrella and blue sprinkle rain.


  1. Are you on Facebook? We have a private bento blogger group. If you aren't on FB but interested, several of us only have accounts to read the stuff in the group! :)
    Follow the instructions to email Cristi and let her know if you're interested! Send her your URL, or just tell her I invited you! :)

  2. I'll check it out! Thanks so much for the invite!

  3. This is so very adorable! Glad you joined us!