Tuesday, February 14, 2012

173 and 174

173 This is an awful picture and there really isn't anything to see.  Sunday night D asked me if she could have chicken soup for lunch on Monday.  Of course I didn't have any made!  When I got home from the gym at 6am I started a pot of soup.  Thank god for my freezer stash of chicken stock!  So in her thermos is chicken/barley soup, in the orange bag is dried fruit and nut trail mix and in the yellow container is grape tomatoes and pea pods.  She is lucky she is so stinkin' cute because when she came home from school her thermos was still over half full!  She hardly ate any of it! 

174 Valentine's Day!!  Another love inspired lunch!  First is vanilla yogurt with pastel heart sprinkles, Oreo Cakesters made with following the tutorial at Cute Food For Kids, freeze dried strawberries, pizza cut into hearts and fruit leather cut into hearts.

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