Friday, October 7, 2011

Days 127 through 131

What a week this has been!  It started on Monday with a migrating kidney didn't pass but has stopped moving.  So it's just in there like a ticking time bomb...good times!  Then 3 of us had Wellness visits this week.  Today my niece is in the hospital in labor!  Just a crazy hectic week!  I did manage to make lunch every day though!

For Monday D has rainbows & butterflies salad, meatballs and yogurt with blueberries.

Tuesday she had lunchmeat sushi, salami/cheese flower and grapes.
Wednesday she had peanut butter/nutella sandwich, yogurt with strawberries, cheese stick and grapes.
Thursday she had a lunchable, ham and bologna stars, bagel slices with cream cheese, carrots, grapes with cranberry cheddar cheese.
Last but not least today she has chicken salad pockets, grapes, cheese sticks and some cubed up Lara bar.

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  1. Such beautiful creation. Bright and colorful. I am sorry you had kidney stone and wish our niece get well soon. Take care.