Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 32

I may have mentioned here before that my kids are not big fans of cooked vegetables.  I decided to stop fighting it and just embrace it.  So now most nights I make a veggie platter/plate with some ranch dip made from greek yogurt.  I put this out while I make dinner and let my kids eat till their hearts are content.  That solves two issues for me.  One they are eating their veggies and two I'm not listening to the never ending whine of "is dinner ready?"  "when is it going to be dinner??"

D went to a birthday party yesterday that ended at 5:00pm.  So she was not real hungry for dinner.  Thus, the left over veggie plate for lunch today with ham, cheese and pineapple kabobs!  I use wooden coffee stirrers as the kabob sticks.  They are less dangerous than the typical skewer and are also school lunch friendly.

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